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Pictures of 700/RX

Pictures of a 700/RX. Warning: quality is low because pictures are taken with a web cam.
Back (45576 bytes)
Back II (44683 bytes)
Inside (30603 bytes)
Processor (47387 bytes)

Two pictures I ripped from the Internet. MUCH better quality.
Front (11495 bytes)
Back (347810 bytes)

Getting rid of the password on a 700/RX and envizex terminal of Hewlett Packard.

I looked on the site of HP and found these answers:

What I found out was that F12 only gives the config screen in which the password protection is still active. Using password secret works on my 700/RX terminal, but not on my envizex. On that machine I had to use SHIFT F9, which worked perfectly ;-).

But all we want is to use those oldies. My visit to brought me the following answers:

You'll need the firmware for the thing (Netstation of formerly Enware), but Linux can provide everything else. Firmware can be obtained from this ftp-site. Be sure to get B.07.11 and NOT a higher version. (For the 700/RX you also need B.06.11.) Get the generic version and take a look at INSTALL.GEN

Those terminals use nfs and/or tftp (trivial ftp) for getting their bootfiles. Both file retrieval methods can be set up fairly easy, then you can configure xdm/gdm/kdm or whatever display manager you want to allow XDMCP connections and you are ready to go.


I found this shred of information using google: 700/RX supports a set of resolution/frequency/color combinations, that can be selected by pressing a key on the numeric keypad at boot (wait for beep and hit the key within 2 seconds or so). The values it knows are:
0 1280x1024, 72Hz color
1 1280x1024, 60Hz color
2 1024x768, 75Hz color
3 1024x768, 60Hz color
4 1024x768, 60Hz color
5 800x600, 72Hz color
6 640x480, 60Hz color
7 1280x1024, 72Hz monochrome
8 1024x768, 60Hz monochrome
I have no idea what if any is the difference between 3 and 4, sorry. Key 9 doesn't do anything (or duplicates one of those, don't remember).

In the Technical Reference there is also information. See here.

Once you get the display working the next thing you need to know is that F12 will get you the configuration screen (you may need to hold it down for several seconds). From there on it's rather self-explanatory.

Have phun with those oldies!

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